10 For Today-May..... 7 May 08

Here's 10 top tunes whipping up a  frenzy  at CTR heights-I know, we keep you hanging on for those new releases-but - believe us, the wait 'll be more than worthwhile. You'll just have to take our word for it. Meanwhile. Enjoy the sun...

 1 The Lines-False Alarm (On Memory Span,  Acute Records Compilation. out now!)

2. The Human League-Dignity Of Labour (Fred Deakins Rough Remix)

3. Portishead-Machine Gun (Tronik Youth Shredit)

4. My Bloody Valentine-Drive All Over Me

5. James Roberts-Meet On The Peak

6. Pram-The Silk Road

7. Atlas Sound-Ativan

8.Harmonia-Walky Talky

9. The Method Actors-The Method

10. Resplandor-Pleamar


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